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Avoiding Plagiarism

Reference properly

Failure to reference sources properly can lead to accusations of plagiarism. You must reference everything taken from another source which you subsequently use in your work.

Its easier to do the work than get away with plagiarism!

Do not expect to get away with plagiarism, thousands of students are caught every year.
Remember, your University has access to Google too!

Universities now have databases of all previous assignments which they share with other organisations.

Even if you were to use an older friends / siblings work submitted to a different University three years ago, you could still be caught!

Universities have been dealing with plagiarism for centuries, you have not!!!

Never give away copies of your work:

Plagiarism involving more than one student usually results in both parties being penalised.

This means if you let someone else see your work and they subsequently use it, then, you could also be penalised.

Do not give copies of your work to other students.

I once made the mistake of leaving someone un-attended to look at my work and later realised they had taken a copy.

Fortunately nothing came of that incident, but it was a valuable lesson.

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