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Building Working Relationships at University

You will naturally make friends at University, but in my opinion you should consider working relationships slightly differently.

Just because you get on socially with someone does not make them the best person to work with on your course.

You need to make sure there is balance when working with other students, i.e. that each person is contributing fairly.

Avoid working with anyone who does not give back / put the same amount of effort in that you do.

You may well observe individuals who form networks of willing helpers (stooges), getting a piece of work here, a favour there and doing very little for themselves.

These people are freeloaders and are to be avoided.

They will hold you back, ultimately, you risk getting a poorer mark if you become entangled by them.

Once you start helping someone in this way it becomes harder to refuse them in the future, and, knowing you are an easy target they will become more persistent in their approaches.

Set your boundaries on day one to avoid this problem.

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