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Choosing The Right Degree Course

Choosing the right course can have a huge impact on your final mark.
When selecting a degree course try to balance the following three elements:

Points 1 and 2 often overlap in that we often enjoy the things we are good at, or become good at the things we enjoy.

Selecting on the basis of career opportunities alone can be a bad move. People I saw struggle on their courses chose subjects they were not good at and did not enjoy believing that they would offer good prospects; however, a poor mark will often negate the benefit you may have gained from a more vocational course.

I have yet to meet anyone who regretted taking a degree they enjoyed, even though for some it did not lead to wealth!

Many people who take more academic courses (with fewer employment opportunities) go on to take a masters in something more career related.

My advice is to go with what you enjoy and are good at.

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