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Use A Wall Planner on your Degree Course

Get a simple wall planner or calendar, an A4 size will do, such as this one which I downloaded for free here.

If the above links are broken just Google for a "free a4 wall planner" and you will find something similar.

Put your planner near your work desk or in some other prominent position and use it!

Plot all of your deadlines and examination dates on your chart.

You will find it a lot easier to plan using this method as you can see at a glance what needs to be done when.

More importantly you can easily identify bottlenecks or critical periods where a lot of work is due around the same time and plan accordingly.

Electronic calendars are a useful supplement to a hard copy planner, but (in my opinion) should not be used as a replacement.

I really benefited from having my "at a glance" planner on the back wall of my desk, it made a big difference in terms of prioritising my work at any given time.

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