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In this area you can change your admin login information, set the admin email, and set many other various settings for the system. Below is a screenshot of the various settings used. What you see in the image are general settings that work best with AdSpy Pro. You may however want or need to experiment with your own settings for your installation.

Here I will cover each setting in the screenshot above to give you a better understanding of what each setting can and will do.

User name: This is where you can change your admin login user name.
Password: This is where you can change your admin login password.

Admin Email: This is where you set your admin email address. It needs to be an email that you will use as the system will send you alerts if there are any problems with the system to this email address.

Total page links in pagination: This will set the amount of active links available in the pagination system. IE... If the system has 25 pages of information collected the links menu to each of these pages will only have 10 active links if that is what you have this setting at. You will still be able to access all the pages as the active linking system will scroll as needed or required. Setting this to "10" is a good general number.

Total rows per page: This will set the amount of rows shown on one page within the pagination system. Setting this to "50" would be an optimum number. Please remember that setting this figure to a higher number will just mean the system will take much longer to load a page to view.

Maximum depth to collect ads: This setting controls how many pages deep the system will scan on the google search results pages. IE... On the google and most other search engines whenever someone types in a searh phrase or term google will return 10 results per page. On each of these pages google will present PPC ads down the right hand column. This setting will tell AdSpy Pro if set to "3" to scan 3 pages deep on the results pages at google for PPC ads. Please keep in mind a couple of factors here...

-- the higher the number you set here the longer it will take AdSpy Pro to operate when gathering information.
-- the most profitable ads are generally always going to be on the first page of the google results.
-- the higher the number you set here the more server or CPU resources will be required to gather information.

NOTE: If you are using a "shared hosting" environment for your AdSpy Pro installation then you should NEVER have more than 250 to 300 keywords total over all campaigns in the system. Therefore you will have no real use for using the inbuilt Proxy system. Using proxies is more for those who will be utilizing a "dedicated server" and hence will be operating at a higher volume and will need to use proxies.

Use Proxy: You will need to check this box if you wish to utilize the proxy ip system that is built into AdSpy Pro. AdSpy Pro comes set with a number of proxies and you can add more of your own using the "Manage Proxy" link next to the box that you need to check.

Continue use of a proxy per cycle: This controls how many times one proxy ip address will be used when gathering information from the search engines. You may have to play with this number a bit. There are no hard and fast rules for what to use.

Proxy timout: This is how long you will allow the system to give a proxy to function before moving on to the next proxy in the cycle.

Apply scheduling: This setting is to turn on or off further features which allow for even more options when using proxies. Turning this feature on will allow the rest of the settings below to be utilized when using proxies to gather ad information.

Time difference in Two Rounds: This is the time set between two rounds of gathering information.

Max keyword tracked per round/proxy (when using proxies): This will tell the system how many keywords to use per proxy per round that it gathers information.

Proxy pause time after max keyword tracked: This will tell the system how long to pause between rounds.

Once you have set all the settings you wish to use then just click on the "Update" button to save your setttings.

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