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Learn To Touch Type

Before you start your degree course, if you have not done so already, learn to touch type!

Touch typing allows you to use all digits on both hands to type whilst looking only at the screen, never at the keyboard.

Leaning this skill will dramatically increase your output, as well as the quality of your work.

The reason it can improve quality of work is that you are able to fully concentrate on the subject matter, as opposed to the mechanics of typing.

You can teach yourself to touch type with a CD ROM tutorial. This is how I learned. I used a very old copy of Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing which can be picked up second hand off Amazon for less than £5 ($10).

After 10 hours of practice you should be able to learn the keyboard properly, after which force yourself to use you newly learned skill, even if at first it takes a little longer than your old finger and thumb methods.

I think this is where most people fail when teaching themselves to touch type; they learn the keyboard, then fall back into their old way of working.

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