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Learn to Use Your Word Processor

Word-processors are easy to pick up and use, but there are a lot of more advanced features that many people do not bother to learn about.

As a minimum make sure you know how to:

Formatting headings is particularly important, as these are used to generate tables of contents etc.

Using an automatically generated indexes and tables of contents is a real time saver, as, when your document changes you can just re-generate it.

Also, when working on large documents use the "save as" feature instead of the normal "save". This will allow you to keep incremental copies, i.e. copy01, copy02. This can be very useful if you re-work a parragraph and then decide the original was better!

When including dates in a file name, use the format YYYYMMDD. This will ensure your computer can sort them in the correct order. Your computer will sort file names by number, so putting the days (UK) or month (US) first can lead to a very messy archive!

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