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Treat Your Degree Like A Job

A lot has been written on the subject of time management on a degree course. I have seen various tables and calculators posted on the internet. Frankly time management on a degree course can be summed up in four or five words:

Go to University every day even if there are no lectures. Arrive at 09:00 and start work.

If you establish this kind of working pattern you will find you are able to keep your evenings and weekends free for your own enjoyment.

You will enjoy your free time all the more, safe in the knowledge that all is well with your studies!

When you come up to important exams, or your dissertation then you always have time spare in the evenings and weekends to cover any problems you encounter.

When I was at University a friend used to turn up every day like me, but in between lectures when I was working he would go and play pool with a couple of other students. Invariably he ended up panicking about some deadline or other. To this day I don't understand why he kept doing it to himself.

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